Who are these blokes?

Andy Richardson

Tommy Danquah


Andy Richardson  and Tommy Danquah met at a warehouse party 10 years ago in Hackney Wick.                         

Andy is a musician and filmmaker based in South East London who has had severe anxiety for much of his adult life. Through his own desire to come off prescription drugs as an answer to his problems he has discovered a whole new outlook on life and calls anxiety 'the best thing that ever happened to him'​

Tommy is a blogger, musician and dad based in Watford who has been through life changing depression which affected his young family so adversely he has been through radical change to get back on track. He is keen to help others who are going through the same thing in the best way he can, by talking!

They hope the podcast can bring some inspiration to men (and women!) to bring change into their lives for the better, the first step is to talk. They are not mental health experts so always seek professional help where available! 




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